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To get a comprehensive understanding on what jihad is, we need to go to the Islamic assets of fact that offer a clear definition.

Prophet Muhammad, peace and advantages be upon him, has famously stated that the jihad for Muslim ladies is for them to head at the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Jihad is the physical war inside the direction of Allah, and it normally implies the physical act of preventing in opposition to enemies who are looking for to eradicate Islam. While Islam allows and usually encourages Muslim men to bodily combat in opposition to oppressive enemies in defense of the religion, the Prophet of Islam has also famously stated that the quality jihad is to talk a phrase of justice to an oppressive ruler.

The fastidiously authenticated hadith narrations daftar haji plus on the sayings and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and advantages be upon him, make it very clean that jihad is an undertaking to uphold and sell that which is lawful and excellent. If Sunni Muslims had a hassle with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of the Shia-aligned Alawite sect, they need to have engaged Assad in diplomatic discussions in preference to scary him into all-out civil struggle.

Muslims who want to fight against oppression would be higher served in standing as much as the oppressive Buddhist regime in Myanmar that oppresses the persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority honestly due to the fact the Rohingya Muslims say Allahu akbar rather than Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

If Muslims are pressured into warfare against an oppressive enemy, then the Muslims need to be organized to do conflict. Being organized to salary a warfare of necessity, however, does no longer suggest that Muslims have to sit up for clashes of violence and turmoil. Prophet Muhammad, peace and benefits be upon him, said to his comrades:

“O human beings! Do not desire to fulfill the enemy, and ask Allah for safety, however when you face the enemy, be affected person, and understand that Paradise is under the shades of swords.” Then he said, “O Allah, the Revealer of the Holy Book, and the Mover of the clouds and the Defeater of the clans, defeat them, and furnish us victory over them.” — Source: Sahih al-Bukhari 3024, 3025
In going against the incredible Islamic lifestyle, the Islamic State terrorist institution is surely encouraging its combatants to stay up for maiming and killing people disloyal to the ISIS reason. ISIS fighters blow his own trumpet with pleasure at the chance of doing struggle, and that they very a whole lot can’t wait to document after which broadcast their atrocities for the world to see.

The ISIS-fueled battles in Syria and Iraq haven’t any resemblance to an actual jihad, due to the fact an actual jihad is a righteous act of justice that adheres to the concepts of the Quran and the lessons of Prophet Muhammad, peace and benefits be upon him. No person of information endorses what ISIS does, because each person with actual information on Islam knows that ISIS is an excessive organisation that aspires for political electricity by using any means essential, consisting of robbery, homicide, and extortion, among different acts of evil.

Many of the American, European, and Australian Muslims who are searching for to join ISIS in Syria do not even are trying to find to get the permission of their mother and father. The presumption is that the mother and father of those aspiring terrorists do not approve of ISIS. I am 100 percent sure that the sizable majority of Muslim mother and father could no longer approve in their children journeying to Syria for the purpose of fighting alongside ISIS terrorists.

It is an Islamic obligation and duty for Muslims to be kind to their dad and mom. It is a jihad for Muslim adults to look after their getting old dad and mom. In an true hadith narration, a person had approached Prophet Muhammad, peace and advantages be upon him, and asked the Prophet, “Shall I participate in jihad?” The Prophet replied, “Are your mother and father residing?” The guy stated, “Yes.” The Prophet then answered, “Do jihad for his or her gain.”

A Muslim man doing jihad for the advantage of his parents does not mean the Muslim takes the next flight to Damascus to behead Americans on digicam. A Muslim guy who does jihad for the benefit of his parents puts aside his personal selfish aims in prefer of running with the recommendation and consent of his dad and mom.

The problem, of path, is that the various Muslims who aspire to be ISIS combatants are motivated via self-serving pursuits and desires to the volume that they decline to listen to any advice from their parents, elders, pals, or imams. These intense Muslims pay attention to nobody aside from the individuals who invite them to extremism. Muslims agree with that Satan is the leader deceiver who calls human beings to evil. Satan is a easy participant who convinces human beings that horrific matters are desirable and that exact things are terrible. The excessive Muslims are so blinded by their egocentric desires that they can not see that ISIS is absolutely inaccurate in its technique.

As terrible as it’s miles to peer Muslim men becoming a member of the ISIS axis of evil, it is even worse to peer Muslim women joining that death cult that still goes by means of the acronym ISIL. The satisfactory act a Muslim female can do is perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it’s far totally egocentric for a Muslim lady to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq instead of go on Hajj with her father or uncles. These women who searching for to enroll in ISIS achieve this out of the selfish choice to get married to a horrific-boy ISIS fighter who they view as the Muslim model of James Bond. These Muslim women come dashing in the direction of the robust fingers of those ISIS warring parties, and those women regularly locate themselves robust-armed, the eventual victims of rape.

May the Lord of the Worlds defend us from the evil of darkness anyplace it settles. Ameen.

Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman is the writer of Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under, which is to be had at https://www.Amazon.Com/creator/sabdurr. Mr. Abdur-Rahman is an American-born Muslim of African descent and professional journalist who has stated on issues starting from corrupt politicians to large-scale police operations. He has maximum recently labored as a body of workers creator at The Philadelphia Inquirer earlier than resigning in March 2014 to migrate to Sydney, Australia, to help care for his intellectually disabled father-in-regulation.

Sulaiman, a high-honors graduate of Philadelphia-based Temple University, has diversified his journalism profession with the aid of writing spiritual columns for his native land Pennsylvania newspaper, The Bucks County Courier Times, where he has condemned the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist assaults.